What I do

A lifetime of connecting the German and English-speaking worlds


Emphasis on all varieties of German, including  Swiss and Austrian, with English – reliable multilingual teams also available.


UK and non-UK based business meetings, trade fairs, training sessions, market research, work lunches, and more.


On-site specialist interpretation for factories, warehousing, and machinery repairs. Services compliant with safety requirements.


NRPSI Court certified interpreter for serious criminal and international commercial cases. plus civil matters.

What I Do Best

My passion for interpreting in all its modes and varieties fuels my desire to bring you the perfect interpreting solution for all your requirements.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Mainly used in multilingual conference settings using interpreting booths so that we can interpret as the speakers present.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting uses purposed-built online platforms allowing us to interpret as the speakers present in meetings and/or events, digital or otherwise.

Whispered Interpreting

Also called ‘chuchutage’, this is technology-free simultaneous interpreting done by whispering the translation of what is being said into the client’s ear.

Liaison/Dialogue Interpreting

Dynamic interpretation in a setting where the interpreter renders short chunks of conversation in turn from each of the participants as the conversation flows naturally back and forth.

Consecutive Interpreting

The most traditional form of interpreting where speakers and interpreters take turns to convey larger sections of the message or speech in one language at a time.

Sight Translation

Most commonly used in courts or hearings. The interpreter instantaneously speaks out loud a rendition of a document written in another language.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a pro

Smooth running of your meeting or event; good communication ensured regardless of the language barrier; confidentiality protected; your message honoured; your business goals and objectives achieved more easily – you name it, I say it!

My Stats

When I work with you, I bring to the table decades of professional experience assisting German and English speakers all over the world.

Days Interpreted

Main Languages

Varieties of German

Countries Worked In


Knowing my clients are happy makes me happy, especially when they tell the world about it!

I have worked with Kirsty numerous times and it is always a pleasure. She is an excellent interpreter, very professional and remains calm. I can recommend her without reservation and look forward to working with her many more times in future.

James Maclean

Operations Manager DACH , The Translation People

Kirsty was a great help to us in running our first interpreted event via zoom in Oct 2020. She has a great style, she’s got a lovely voice and all our German speakers have been very impressed by her skills. I’d highly recommend her and will look to use her again for our next events.

Rena Crossley

The Alternative Board (TAB)

Kirsty is a spectacularly successful university lecturer who is proud of her graduates. She is also a professional interpreter of the highest order. Personally I know her as a pragmatic, no-nonsense lady with a terrific sense of humour.

Martin Dunne

Owner, medex - specialist medical translations

Many languages,
many ways to start.

It doesn’t matter how far you are in planning your event, I am happy to assist you every step of the way, from setup to followup.

And whatever stage your project has reached – be it just an idea or a fully developed event, feel free to get in touch and we will take it from there.


Send me an email and we will work together to meet your requirements.


Text me, FaceTime me, or find me on WhatsApp or Telegram.


I am @kirstyinterpret on WeChat and Twitter. Look me up!

Video Call

Happy to connect on Skype, Zoom, MSTeams, etc. @kirsty.heimerl-moggan

Let me say it for you!

Simply drop me a quick line and let me know how I can help you, be it with your event, meeting or conference – or, if you are interpreter, with your professional skills.